Epiphany Galette des Rois Activity



For Epiphany we are learning about the French tradition of the Galette des Rois (King’s Cake) and how the one who finds the gift/favour in their piece is Rois (King) or Reine (Queen) for the day. In school we have some severe nut allergies so baking a cake was not an option, so I decided to print out a picture of a Galette des Rois and split it in to ‘pieces’. Each piece has a colour, number or Epiphany image on it and under one of these flaps is the gift, or in this case a picture of a Galette. The children have to choose a piece by saying the French word (allows for some revision) and if they pick the one with the hidden Galette they get to be Rois or Reine for the rest of the lesson and wear a party hat (I collect them from Christmas crackers!).


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