Animals and colours writing



After recently learning the names of colours and animals in French, Year 3 moved on to work combining the two. We discussed the position of adjectives and masculine and feminine nouns then our activity was to roll two dice (one with colours on each side, one normal with an accompanying sheet to show which animal each number represented), and then write a phrase independently using the colours/animals they roll. The children really enjoyed it and all children met the success criteria! (And you can see on this board that bleu has been changed to bleue for ‘une souris’)


2 thoughts on “Animals and colours writing

  1. Lisa

    Really like your game here. My year 3 classes have also learnt colours and are moving on to animals so we can combine numbers, colours and animals to move on to combining adjectives and nouns. This game would be ideal. I have a few pupils who struggle with literacy and find even copying nouns challenging. Did you have any adaptions of the game for example they just had to say the noun/adjective orally? Thanks.


    • Thanks for your comment! I initially thought of this game as a speaking activity with the children telling each other the phrase, making sure their nouns and adjectives were in the correct order, and the feminine adjective agreed. That would make it easier for those who struggle with the writing side of things. I also put them in mixed ability pairs so they could support each other. Hope that helped 🙂


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