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End of Year Reflection



To end the term we reflected on our year of language learning and discussed what we had enjoyed in French this year and what we wanted to do more of in the future. This was from Year 4. I was pleased that many children wanted to explore even more French culture and history and expand their knowledge and understanding of another country in addition to the language. Of course, more opportunities for food tasting came up several times too 🙂

Paris Triaramas



Our end of year topic in Year 3 is Paris. We researched facts about Paris then created our own triaramas, adding photos and illustrations. The children loved making their work ‘3D’!

Year 1 Seaside Topic


In Year 1, we learnt about the seaside in French as part of a cross-curricular topic. We made mini-books:


And I made up a beach song to the tune of ‘The Farmer’s in his Den’, which we created actions for:


We read this story together (the T’choupi books are brilliant), and listened out for words to do the matching actions for:


Then we finished the topic by watching an episode of Peppa Pig in French about going to the beach!

Year 6 Board Games





As an end of year activity, Year 6 made their own board games to play and then pass on to the younger children. We used French board game vocabulary and the games required the children to either translate into or from French.

Illness Plaster Activity



In Year 4 we have been learning parts of the body and how to say we are feeling unwell.

For this activity, first of all we wrote phrases for illnesses e.g. J’ai mal au ventre on plasters (I bought large strips from a pound shop and cut them into pieces). We then stuck them to ‘Claude’ to show where he was unwell.

We then wrote sentences on plasters for different ailments and used them to label a picture of a body:


Bastille Day Rosettes




In UKS2 we have been learning about Bastille Day. We learnt about the history of The French Revolution and watched a video:

We then created our own Bastille Day rosettes using cupcake cases and lots of blue and red! We wrote the national motto of France ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’ on them, linking back to what we found out about the Revolution. We will be wearing them (thanks to double sided sellotape) on 15th July to celebrate Bastille Day!